Sicilian Attractions

Sicily, geographically a huge triangle in the middle of the Mediterranean, has a shape that often eludes the visitor who has not considered it with the aid of an atlas. The Greeks called Sicily "Trinacria" because of the three head-lands: Capo Pelero (Toro), Capo Lilibeo (Boeos) and Capo delle Correnti.

Plateau, hills, mountains, a vast plain, dominated the Mount Etna, over one thousand kilometers of coast, high, rocky cliffs, low, sandy coasts, famous gulfs such as that of Palermo Conca d'Ora, large and small islands appear on the ever-present sea, bright rays of sunshine and a year-round mild climate - this is the face of Sicily.

Sicily has always been of strategic importance, so much so that the largest island in Europe has been conquered by many nations. Whether it was the Romans, Goths, Arabs, Carthaginians, Byzantines, Spaniards or Greeks – all have all left their mark here.


From Balestrate you can reach the following locations: 


The provincial capital, and base for major commercial activities, but above all known for its rich archaeological treasures. No visit is complete without a visit to the "Valley of the Temples.


The city is famous for its Norman cathedral.


At the top of Mount Erice, the town, which has a perfect triangular shape, is a perfectly preserved medieval village.

Etna = Ätna 

Etna = ÄtnaIt It lies in the east of the island and with its imposing mass dominates the entire province of Catania.  The Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe.


The center of winemaking in western-Sicily and home of Marsala wine. The town has numerous wineries and a wine school.

MoHere the main attraction is the cathedral with its magnificent cloister, decorated with gold mosaics.



A vast archaeological area - one of the most important in Italy.. The undeniable charm of Selinunte is enhanced by the picturesque, isolated location, which contrasts the ruins of white against the blue background of sky and sea.


SegeThe large Doric temple stands in a wonderful natural landscape.

Syrakus = Siracusa

Syrakus = SiracusaddThe wonderful provincial capital on the east coast of Sicily with the small island of Ortigia close at hand. One of the most important archaeological sites of Magna Grecia.


TaorminassssA town boasting beautiful, panoramic views of Sicily and Mount Etna from its position high on a mountain-side terrace of Monte Tauro.


PalermoddThe local provincial capital. The town lies on a wide bay on the Tyrrhenian coast at the foot of Monte Pellegrino, near the border with the Conca d'Oro.

Places of interest:

  • The church of Matorana
  • The Norman structures of San Giovanni degli Eremiti
  • The Palace of Normanni, built by the Arabs
  • The imposing Cathedral, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin